bridal bouquets


isn’t this bouquet to-die-for? i think it would work beautifully as a wedding bouquet. my fave kind of bridal bouquets are round and somewhat ‘tight’ for lack of a better word. i’m not a fan of long, hanging bouquets or ones that seem to have too many gaps between the flowers.





all of these are beautiful but for me personally, the first pic still stands out. i’m a big fan of that dusty nude palette for a bridal bouquet. in fact, the most beautiful bouquets i’ve ever seen were both the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets for a friend’s wedding recently. all the bouquets were white Ecuadorian roses, with the bridal bouquet significantly larger. i was lucky enough to be one of the bridesmaids, and the flowers made me smile every time I looked down at them.


image my own.

although this final image isn’t a bouquet, it’s so stunning I couldn’t resist posting it. it’s an image from ivanka trump’s 2009 wedding to jared kushner. divine.


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